Vyacheslav Malina. Enjoyment

Exhibition March 21 − April 3, 2019
Kiev gallery Triptych presents a new project by Vyacheslav Malina "Enjoyment"- an experimental painting series, made on hexagonal canvases in the author's technique of" expressive pointillism. "

“Vyacheslav Raspina’s creativity is characterized by original spatial thinking and an experimental approach. He is boldly experimenting with materials and plots. The modularity of the exposition is associated with the ancient art of mosaic, as well as the perfection of the universe. The unusual shape of the canvas resembles the Suprematist quest for Kazimir Malevich and the geometric abstraction of Elsworth Kelly, ”notes Miroslav Hartmond, director of the gallery Triptych

Vyacheslav Malina was born in 1975 in the Kirovograd region. Graduated from Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture. Participant of solo and group exhibitions since 2010. He lives and works in Kiev.