Stuart Davis: In full swing

Exhibition April 1 − August 6, 2017
Stuart Davis is one of the key figures in American modernism.
That is why great interest is the exhibition in Memorial Museum youngin San Francisco, dedicated to this extraordinary artist.
Bright colors, contrasting colors, thick lines, crisp edges – the work of Davis called a bridge between modernism and pop art.
Exhibition "Stuart Davis: In full swing"for the last 20 years is the first major exhibition devoted to the artist ahead of time.
Blurring the distinction between "high" and "low" art, between abstraction and figurativeness, as well as between the text and the images, paintings Davis reflect the excitement and burnest times of the artist.
Davis was a devoted fan of jazz all my life. He often wrote and altered his work is influenced by this musical genre.
In this exhibition hosted works from different periods of creativity of Davis next to each other, to explore their thematic and visual relationships.
Innovative work Davis opened the way for the emergence of American post-war art such a significant phenomenon of pop art. They remain resonant, relevant, and influential in our time.