The glory of Venice: Paintings of the Renaissance 1470-1520

Exhibition March 4 − June 18, 2017
At the Art Museum of North Carolina passes a new significant event in the art world: the exhibition, dedicated to the development of Renaissance painting in Venice from the second half of 1400's to early 1500-ies.
The exhibition explores the artistic and cultural evolution of Venice, its transformation into an internationally recognized center for visual art.
Exposure "The glory of Venice: Paintings of the Renaissance 1470-1520"includes approximately 50 works, including large altarpieces, private, secular and religious paintings, including portraits.
Twenty priceless paintings belonging The Gallery Of The Academyin Venice, which contains the largest collection of Venetian paintings from the XIV—XVIII centuries, form the core of the exhibition.
They were joined by masterpieces from other museums and galleries in Italy and the United States, including from the North Carolina Museum of art.
Paintings and other exhibits in this exhibition illustrate the exciting and dynamic moments in the cultural development of Venice. A magical city that has charmed the visitors and artists for centuries, tells through works of art its history.