Fortuny: friends and followers

Exhibition February 3 − June 2, 2019
Recently, the National Art Gallery in Washington agreed to a long-term display of the iconic Mariano Fortuny painting “Model Choice” at the Meadows Museum. In honor of this event, the museum organized an exhibition dedicated to Fortuny and his world.

Fortuny paintings were especially valued by both American collectors of the XIX century and modern masters. Although the artist is less known outside of Spain today, he was extremely popular both in Europe and in the United States during his lifetime and early twentieth century. The imitators of its characteristic proto-impressionistic, pictorial styles and eclectic, "exotic" genre scenes were so numerous that their style was described by the term "Fortuny".

Exposition "Fortuny: friends and followers»Exploring the legacy of the artist, combining a variety of craftsmen, including William Chase, Jean-Leon Gerome, James Tissot and John Sargent.