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Ken Price. Works on paper 1967–1995

Exhibition March 23 − May 4, 2019
“Drawing is a way to see what you think. Most of my work is based on intuition, imagination, things that I discovered in the process of creation ”- Ken Price.

The work of Ken Price on paper draws the viewer from the everyday and the impossible. Its themes range from interior scenes, devoid of objects or a figurative representation, to exterior landscapes teeming with cars, motorways, billboards, and neon signs. The constant favorite and the form which he investigated in detail in his drawings and sculptures is the cup. Price saw the bowl as a “predetermined structure” and pursued it until the lost form became a functional attraction and did not become a biomorphic abstraction.

In his works, Price intertwined humor and eroticism. In addition to his drawings, his sculptures, with their winding curves and folds, also bring to the fore a certain level of sensuality. While honing his skills, Price considered “technique” as a means of expressing feelings, and not as an end in itself.