Cubist space. From Picasso to Leger

Exhibition March 30 − August 4, 2019
Exhibition"Cubist space" The Basel Art Museum, organized in collaboration with the Pompidou Center, is the first association of the cubic masterpieces of both institutions to reconstruct the wider context in which these world-famous treasures were created. About 130 works cover this original chapter in the history of art.

Cubist Cosmos traces the evolution of cubism from 1908 to the end of World War I, examining its vast stylistic range and emphasizing the revolutionary energy that it gave to the latest trends in twentieth-century art.

The key works in the exhibition illustrate the adaptation and transformation of the cubist idiom, as well as the sudden return to color in the works of Braque and Picasso in 1912 and the experimental use of materials and methods. Portraits of critics and writers, including Gertrude Stein, Guillaume Apollinaire and Daniel Henri Kaneveyler, expand the prospects of the exhibition, tracing the connection of cubism with modern intellectual thought and poetry.