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Peter Ghana. The 150th anniversary of the birth.

Exhibition February 17 − April 15, 2017
The first in Ukraine personal exhibition of Odessa painter, a member of the society of South Russian artists Peter Pavlovich Ghana, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of his birth.

• • •

The name of the artist Peter Ghana — Odessa, forced emigrant, a man of amazing destiny — has steadily returned to the descendants. The heirs of the Ghanaian popularitybut his work at home, in Estonia, the heritage Ghanaian-painter and leader of the Catholic Church write the Russian media in different countries, his name is often mentioned by the Ukrainian researchers. Odessa art Museum is fortunate to possess the most significant (currently known) collection of works by Pyotr Pavlovich. A large part of the exhibited works, the audience will see for the first time. The exhibition presents fifty-four works painted in oil, watercolor, pastel.

In the museums of Ukraine works in Ghana, except for the National art Museum of Ukraine, where there is a small etude "Odessa sea port", Mykolaiv art Museum. Vasily Vereshchagin, much of the OC in the early 1960s, was handed pastels "portrait". Peter p. did not belong to the most active public figures, have attracted everyone's attention. However, his name appeared in the same row with the famous Odessa artists — Kiriak Kostandi, Pyotr Nilus, Titus by Dvornikova, Gerasim by Golovkova, Yevhen Bukovetsky, Wassily Kandinsky and many others. The work of Ghanaian readily acquired from exhibitions, artists, fans, collectors. A lot of works today are in private collections in Odessa and Kiev. With great attention the work of the artist followed and the press, noting his innovative, exceptional talent, often calling him an impressionist.

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Galleries at the exhibition