Jackie Handel. Glass break

Exhibition February 21 − April 6, 2019
The term "glass break" means hiding essentialism, which complements, if not expands, the images of women in the domestic and maternal spheres; that is, women are by their nature more able to establish order, accept guilt or responsibility, or spread organizational and cultural setbacks, which in themselves are often attributed to the setbacks of masculinity — with their supposedly innate “education” of differences of opinion.

Caring, spoiled, spoiled, graceful and at times embodied, the heroines of the paintings by Handel highlight their limitations and possibilities in the description, color and material and, thus, involve the viewer in the narrative, which never adds up. At the same time, the story of Handel deepens, hinting at the perverted historicity of painting and such trails as the "new woman" and "fallen woman."