Tatiana Yablonskaya in the collection of the Odessa art Museum

Exhibition March 3 − April 15, 2017
Creative way Tatiana Nilovna Yablonskaya diverse, bright, unique. Her style is recognizable, and the impact on the development of Ukrainian art can hardly be overestimated. Count all the museums, which contain work Yablonska, it is practically impossible — it works adorn the collection of not only Ukraine, but all over the world from Moscow Tretyakov Museum of a Dragon in Taiwan.

In the anniversary year across the country will take place personal exhibition of Tatiana Yablonska. Does not remain aside and Odessa — a collection of Odessa art Museum well illustrates the main stages of the creative ways the world-famous artist, to see this will be on March 3.

Heritage Yablonskaya in the Museum's collection are 15 6 picturesque and graphic works. Many of these works to the 100-year anniversary of the artist exhibited for the first time.

Galleries at the exhibition