Heimo Zobernig

Exhibition March 26 − May 9, 2019
Simon Lee Gallery in Hong Kong presents a series of new paintings by Austrian artist Heimo Soberniga. In these works, the author explores how artists cite each other from generation to generation. As a benchmark in this series, Pablo Picasso’s interpretation of Edouard Manet’s work “Breakfast on the Grass” is used, which, in turn, is partially inspired by Titian and the engraving of Marcantonio Raimondi from Raphael’s painting. In Heimo Zobernig’s work, abstraction is enhanced, and male and female figures are transformed into a complex play of forms.

In another work, the master recreates Picasso's still life with the addition of the word "NO" on the lines of the image. Repetitive motifs in several other works refer to landscape paintings by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, as well as to the backgrounds of portraits of Manet.

Heimo Zobernig - one of the leading contemporary artists. He had a great influence not only on the Austrian art school, but also actively participated in international discussions about art. The author was awarded the Roswitha-Haftmann-Preis Award - the largest European award in the field of visual arts.