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Vanessa Bell at Dulwich picture gallery

Exhibition February 8 − June 4, 2017
First big personal  exhibition of the extraordinary artist and designer Vanessa Bell (1879 – 1961) is at Dulwich picture gallery.
Vanessa Bell was born in a strict Victorian England, but all her life she's been challenging aesthetic and social norms.
One of the founders and the Muse of the Bloomsbury group, somewhat undervalued during her life in the shadow of her famous sister Virginia Woolf, Vanessa was a very talented person. She had the gift of perceiving the world and transmitting it via color, light, shapes and lines. In her works the artist was not limited to one direction.
Her abstract work is one of the first in Europe. She created for the workshop "omega" collection of fabrics with expressive drawings – one of the most beautiful in the entire history of textile design of the last century.
In the works of Vanessa Bell confident impressionism blends in with the cheeky, like no other, creative experiments. This exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to observe a gradual change of priorities of the artist.
About 100 paintings, ceramics, cloth and case the photos will reveal the groundbreaking work of the artist in the genres of still life, portraiture and landscape.