From sketch to etching

Exhibition 8 − April 17, 2019
The Fine Arts Hall of the Volga Branch of the Russian Academy of Arts presents its new project to visitors - an exhibition of graphic artists Igor Khandozhko, Nina Russkikh and Anna Shaburova "From sketch to etching".

The exhibition brings together the work of three authors who have a bright individual artistic handwriting, and showing the audience the mystery of birth and etching.

Unlike most exhibitions that demonstrate the final result of a long work of the artist, here you can trace the path of etching.

The technique of creating an etching is very complex and is very flexible. The original drawing - a sketch, gives only a preliminary direction to the artist's plan.

Uneven and repeated etching of the metal plate allows you to emphasize the richness of the line, deepen the lines, select or soften the individual parts of the composition, and in the final etching print there always appears something that was not in the original sketch.

Etching is a true visual art that requires high skill.

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