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Expression of color

Exhibition May 1 − September 10, 2017
"Expression of color". Exhibition-sale of painting of Dmitry Kustanovich.

From 1 may to 10 September in the gallery of famous St. Petersburg artist Dmitry Kustanovich – Gallery of Kustanovich - an exhibition of paintings "Expression of color".
The name of Dmitry Kustanovich is well known to connoisseurs of contemporary painting in Russia and abroad. The author conducted more than 100 exhibitions, most of them are personal, paintings are in many Russian and foreign galleries and private collections. Dmitry Kustanovich entered the history of painting as an artist, "escaped beyond the limited plane" and became the founder of a new style of painting – spatial realism.
The artist has created his own concept and follow it in their works. Color in the works of Kustanovich always clearly conveys the mood of the picture and touches the most delicate strings of the soul of any viewer.
In the paintings loved by the audience of the series "Butterflies" floral still life color is a sign of expression and feelings, striking a musical chord striking the imagination of the viewer.
In the world famous series "City rain" monochrome colour scheme and contrast of achromatic colors reflect character traits of the Northern capital, inconsistent and harsh spirit of this city, the energy and rhythm of the metropolis.
"Ice", "winter" flavor characteristic of the works "Under the sky of the Northern capital", here it is intended to represent the aristocratic image of a city is strict and exquisite architecture.
If the image of St. Petersburg most often built on the basis of a comparison of contrasting colors, the wooded landscapes the artist chooses the range of related shades. Often the "forest" color is almost monochrome and includes all shades of green. This decision embodies the idea of the image of the forest as a single organism, separate, Autonomous world.
Color in the works of Kustanovich is not just a characteristic of the object, but has a symbolic meaning and has expressive effect on the viewer.
The exhibition demonstrates how new works that will be presented to a wide audience for the first time, and well-known, beloved by fans of the master, including from the personal collection of the artist's family.
Located in the historic centre of Saint Petersburg, one of the cozy courtyards of the Capella, though in which lies from the Hermitage Museum in Russian Museum, the Gallery of Kustanovich during its existence has become one of the cultural centers visited by the Petersburgers and guests of the "Northern capital". In the gallery you will be able to buy both original paintings and more reproductions with the original signature of the artist, as well as Souvenirs with reproductions of paintings by Dmitry Kustanovich as a gift for yourself and your family.
Galleries at the exhibition