Fabulist I. Krylov and his heroes

Exhibition April 5 − September 29, 2019
In the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane an exhibition “Fabulist I. Krylov and His Heroes”dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the writer.

Visitors to the gallery can see the world and the environment of the famous playwright and fabulist: portraits of friends and recipients of poems, which became the prototypes of his literary characters. Works by Karl Bryullov, Vladimir Borovikovsky, Orest Kiprensky, Pavel Fedotov, George dow, Roman Volkov, porcelain compositions and sculptural images - all this serves the purpose of visually recreating the era and complementing the guests' ideas about this remarkable person. A special multimedia project accompanying the exhibition introduces the best of the fable illustrations made in different styles and directions.

The exhibition editions are occupied by lifetime editions of the fabulist from the scientific library of the Tretyakov Gallery, as well as the medal “In honor of the 50th anniversary of the literary activity of I.A. Krylova ", embossed on the St. Petersburg Mint in 1838. And one of Krylov’s most beloved fables - “Demyanova Ukha” - is represented at the exhibition in picturesque and sculptural versions. And of course, visitors can see who has become a textbook portrait of a fabulistperformed by Karl Bryullov.

The popularity and relevance of the work of Ivan Krylov does not fade, human vices remain, and his works remain understandable and topical. Characteristic and vivid characters have been and remain popular not only with the reader, but also with artists and engravers who have done and will probably for a long time make them heroes of their paintings or illustrations.