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Exhibition of paintings by Mikhail Latyshev

Exhibition April 10 − May 9, 2019
Mikhail Ivanovich Latyshev

The works presented at the exhibition cover more than 50 years of the artist’s creative activity.

Participating in exhibitions of the Union of Artists since 1970, Mikhail Latyshev continues the line of realistic painting. Most of the artist's works are landscapes, calm and silent, there is no place for raging elements in them. In the landscapes of the artist dominated by measured and subtle, but at the same time, strict beauty. The painting system of Latyshev keeps in touch with the artistic traditions that are most clearly manifested in the works of the masters of the Moscow school of painting. This is a connection not only with the impressionist heritage of Korovin, but deeper - with the tradition of the lyrical landscape of the XIX century, with the names of Savrasov and Levitan.

Sunlight is an integral part of Latyshev's landscapes, the sun's rays illuminate almost the entire visible space only occasionally forming shallow blue shadows. Early spring is a frequent motive of the artist’s landscapes. The awakening of nature, its barely perceptible breath is reflected in the works "St. Petersburg Roofs. View of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of the Sea", "Winter on the Hook Channel", "Last Snow". The lyrical experience of nature was combined with the artist’s love for the architecture of St. Petersburg, finely written on many of his canvases. St. Nicholas Cathedral, Smolny Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Lavra solemnly froze among the snow-covered landscape.

Through still lifes presented at the exhibition, impressionistic features in the artist's work more clearly manifest themselves. The artist's lifes are always lyrical. In finely organized compositions, various textures and colors are combined. Through the play of light and shadow in the works "Lilac", "Still Life with a Samovar in the Garden", "Still Life with Rowan" the artist filled the paintings with subtle vibrations of air. In this work Latyshev echoes the works of Grabar, Yuon, Zhukovsky.

Also, a number of works by Latyshev are closely connected with the tradition of socialist realism. In such works as "Winter Evening at the Factory", "At the Izhora Factory" the artist captured the working class everyday life and the work of industrial enterprises.

Galleries at the exhibition