Igor Gusev and Sergey Anufriev. "Group MIR"

Exhibition 11 − April 25, 2019
In the Kiev gallery "Karas" an exhibition of outstanding Odessa conceptualists Igor Gusev and Sergey Anufriev is being held, united in a project Group "WORLD"Since 1995, the famous international curator and gallery owner Marat Gelman. Artists characterize their artistic activity as transactionism.

“The task of art, according to the ideas of the MIR Group, is to orient in a new free world, to create a guidebook, but not one where everything is explained and shown as if it is real, stable and predictable, continuous, objective and independent. And we create a richly illustrated atlas of the underwater world, where you can really dive. Not to lead away from problems, but to make it clear that problems are illusory and the world is given to us in sensations through the news feed. Solve problems can only be aware of their fictitious nature. This is the side of the nature of things that the MIR Group is engaged in, ”says Sergey Anufriev.