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Exhibition October 21, 2019 − February 2, 2020
Claude Monet: True Nature
The Denver Museum of Art will be home to the most comprehensive exhibition in the US of Monet's paintings in the past two decades. The exhibition will feature over 120 paintings covering Monet’s entire career, and will focus on the strong relationship between the famous French impressionist and nature.

Exhibition "True nature»Explores Monet's continued interest in shooting rapidly changing atmospheres, the reflective properties of water and the effects of light - aspects that increasingly encourage him to work on several canvases at the same time. In addition, the exhibition will look at a critical shift in Monet's painting when he began to focus on the same plot, including works from his series of haystacks, poplars, Waterloo Bridge and water lilies.
1878, 65.3×54.2 cm
1873, 80.3×60.3 cm
All artworks at the exhibition