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Erarta Museum presents an exhibition“Alexander Savko. Heroes - Super ".

Alexander Savko (1957) is a Russian artist working in the style of neo-pop art, a famous figure in contemporary Moscow artistic life of the last 20–30 years. Savko has his own recognizable style, his own theme, his own characteristic method, which is not initially without risk. He works with the poetics of absurdism, operates with images of mass culture, media junk, cartoon world, where all the characters are super.

His paintings are a kind of visual oxymorons in which incompatible images collide. For example, heroes of the comic, animation, pop industry and others, invade the field of traditional culture, are introduced into the composition of famous paintings.

The works of Alexander Savko are a witty and even dangerous game (for example, in 2011 the court recognized one of Savko’s works as extremist), reminding not only of the diseases of the information society, but also of the history of art.

Based on the materials of the official site Erarta Museum.