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The Exhibition "Rita, Kernn-Larsen. Surrealism"

Exhibition February 25 − June 26, 2017
In Venice, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum an exhibition of the Danish artist Rita Kern-Larsen "Surrealism". A small, cosy exhibition is dedicated to the eponymous period of its creation. The artist, who painted in various styles, considered the period of surrealism his best creative period and called it magnificent. Most of the works written in 1937-38, when surrealism became a worldwide mainstream painting. To say that it was very difficult, but the Danish did it.

Visitors will be able to see the masterpiece of Rita Kern-Larsen – work "of Dance and contradance". According to the author, it was one of the most successful of her works. Connoisseurs of surrealism, after visiting the exhibition, can confirm that the nickname "Danish Picasso in a skirt" was right and didn't just compliment a beautiful woman.

The exhibition features works and photographs from Danish museums and private collections, also exhibited by the Guggenheim Foundation acquired the painting "self-Portrait". At the exhibition you can watch a great interview with the artist herself, which she gave during the Venice Biennale in 1986-m to year.

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