Enrico David: Slow Release Grades

Exhibition April 16 − September 2, 2019
Hirshhorn Museum presents an exhibition "Enrico David: Graduations of Slow Release". This is the largest museum review of the artist in the US today.

Exhibition organized by Chicago Museum of Modern Art, demonstrates the breadth and versatility of an outstanding artist whose practice is characterized by transformation.

Enrico David (Italian, 1966) is one of the most original artists working today. David uses a variety of media, including sculpture, painting, installation and paperwork, to develop a dynamic and unique vision of the human form and the ever-changing sense of being in it. Often fragile, vulnerable, grotesque and changeable images created by the artist, achieve a universal expression of human experience, albeit with the help of deeply personal wording.

Based on the materials of the official site Hirschhorn Museum.