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In our backyard

Exhibition March 23 − June 1, 2019
Exhibition "In our backyard"explores contemporary art in and around Albuquerque from the 1980s to the present. The exhibition is based on the collection of Ray Graham, a leading art advocate and longtime collector of many major regional and national artists.

The exhibition brings together a variety of approaches and genres that explore the creative energy of New Mexico artists and their heritage in the wider world of contemporary art.

Artists on display at the exhibition: Jane Abrams, Kim Artun, Margaret Bagshaw, Virginia Bache, Steve Barry, Wanda Becker, Ann Dunbar, Barbara Grotus, Michael Hart, David Koch, Jeff Kruger, Felice Lucero, Dalida Montoya, Jaun Jaun Jaha, Jaha Kruger Santiago Perez, Tom Waldron, John Wenger and Jerry West.