A feast for the eyes: 200 years of American still life from the collection of Hevrdejs

Exhibition April 22 − July 30, 2017
Exhibition "A feast for the eyes: 200 years of American still life from the collection of Hevrdejs"in Art the Brooks Museum in Memphis shows the history of painting of the United States in the genre of still life since the beginning of the XIX century, almost to the present day.
Few people know that a still life of some couple of hundred years ago, as a genre of the fine arts, was not held in high esteem. Images of natural and manufactured objects, or a combination thereof, created for aesthetic effect – fought with predominant advantages of religious, mythological and historical value of topics.
And in the middle of the XIX century, the still life starts to regain its position. The apples of Cezanne and van Gogh's sunflowers, a broken guitar Picasso and trays of cookies Wayne, Tebo showed the lovers, depicting a seemingly simple, items a true master can create a masterpiece.
More than 60 works from the collection of Frank and Michelle Hevrdejs starting with the exquisite and refined little still life "the Orange book" Raphael Saw (about 1817) and ending with nearly abstract "Autumn still life" by bill Scott (2012) has made the wonderful exhibit, a real "Feast for the eyes".
Also on display are such diverse films as "Cherekskie roses" by Martin Johnson head (around the end of 1880-ies), miniature and ultra-realistic "still life with pears" by George W. Platt (late nineteenth century), made a completely different way "Fried eggs" Janet fish (2008), and others.