Leonora Carrington: The Story of the Last Egg

Exhibition May 23 − June 29, 2019
Gallery Wendi Norris presents an exhibition of English artist Leonora Carrington "The story of the last egg".

While art historians and the market are redefining the role of women in the history of modern art, this landmark exhibition invites Leonora Carrington and her heritage to a new, more modern study. "Leonora Carrington: The Story of the Last Egg", which gathered more than 20 paintings and six sculptures of a Mexican exile of British origin, demonstrates the artistic and literary imagination of one of the most original voices of modern art.

The exhibition includes paintings and sculpture from the 1940s to the 1970s and ends with an exhibition of six masks, which she made for her unfulfilled play, Opus Sinestrusa: The Story of the Last Egg. The magic tragicomedy, written in 1970, creates a world in which all women died, except for one, “a tremendously fat elderly woman of 80 years old, the former Madame Brothel” who captured the last surviving human egg, and holds the fate of the planet in her hands. The name of the exhibition is aimed at emphasizing and noting the artist’s lifelong preoccupation with the themes of fertility, ecology and female power.