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Exhibition May 30 − June 2, 2019

Hans Rudolf Giger

In Dovzhenko-center in Kiev, with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine, an exhibition of the winner of the Oscar for the best visual effects, a Swiss artist Hans Rudolf Giger. This is part of the international program celebrating the anniversary of the premiere of the film "Alien" and one of the main events of the film festival "Youth".

Giger is the author of Alien Design - the most recognizable monster image in world cinema. Exactly 40 years ago, in 1979, the first eponymous film by director Ridley Scott was released, which forever changed the genres of sci-fi and horror, it had a powerful influence on pop culture and design in movies, comics and computer games.

Giger's early work is a typical surrealism with noticeable hints at the techniques of the masters of this genre, especially Salvador Dali. But the artist tried to create his own style, to find new interesting sources of inspiration. In 1968, Giger published an album of posters "Biomekhanoidy."

Biomechanoids - creatures invented by Giger, combining mechanics and organics, technology and art. It was thanks to Giger that the term "biomechanical art" appeared. It is this term entrenched in the mind due to the bright incarnation in the image of “Alien” for the film of the same name.