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"Our magician, painter and poet..."

Exhibition March 22 − May 22, 2017
The state Pushkin Museum represents the exhibition "Our magician, painter and poet..."dedicated to the works of Alexander Osipovich Orlovsky (1777-1832), unsurpassed Polish-Russian painter and collector. The exhibition is dedicated to the 240 anniversary of his birth.
Unfairly forgotten now, in the early nineteenth century, he was one of the brightest representatives of his time. Along with the greatest achievements of the first poet of Russia Alexander Pushkin, the work of this artist was largely determined by a visual representation of an era.
The exposition occupies three halls, structured according to genre and topic and includes about one hundred works, including how the graphics and lithographs very Orlovsky, work of other artists, made according to his drawings or printed samples (engravings and lithographs).
The first hall – "Military history". The military theme is one of the key works of A. O. Orlovsky. He drew of the battle and portraits of generals, nameless soldiers, genre sketches, dedicated to the Russian-French war of 1812.
In the second hall – "folk life" – the viewer can see the talent Orlovsky in genre subjects. There is evidence, mainly lithographs, which realistically reflected the everyday life of St. Petersburg and its environs, its ordinary people – taxi drivers, artisans, merchants, peasants, adults and children, men and women.
The third hall – "Portraiture; caricature-ironic" dedicated to portraiture and caricature and cartoon in the works by A. O. Orlovsky. It is the caricature and the cartoon brought him immense popularity and recognition.
Along with the Museum's collection, several works for the exhibition provided by the Moscow collectors, including 11 works from the collection Museum MeetingD. M. Yakobashvili.

Materials State Museum of A. S. Pushkin.
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