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A premonition of things to come. Graphics Basil Chekriguina

Exhibition March 15 − June 4, 2017
Exhibition "Premonition of things to come. Graphics Basil Chekriguina" held on the eve of the 120th anniversary of the birthday of the artist, in the framework of the project "the Tretyakov gallery opens its reservists".
The chart Vasiliy Chekrygin (1897-1922) – artist-visionary, figures which are somewhat similar to the experiments of the old masters. He raced to the Russian artistic life in the early revolutionary years, as a meteor. And was lost, having got under a train, having lived only 25 years.
But despite her short age, he managed to declare himself a brilliant draughtsman, the painter, deep thinking about man, life and death, about the nature of art.
Chekrygin was the Illustrator of the first book of Mayakovsky "I" fought at the front in the First world war, after the revolution was part of the Commission for the protection of artistic values. In addition, he became one of the founders, leaders and ideologists of the Association "Art-life" ("Makovets").
The exhibition includes about 70 of the best works of the artist, most of which exhibited for the first time. Drawings of the masters series "Uprising", "Shot", "Face", "Orgy", as well as unique papers on the theme "the Resurrection of the dead."
Over the last cycle, the artist worked for about three years, they had created more than 1500 sketches. Vasily Chekrygin decided to create two murals Grand: "Genesis" and "Resurrection of the dead", but did not...

Materials The state Tretyakov gallery and website artguide.com.

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