Anatoly Dniester. Homeless species

Exhibition 2 − May 26, 2019
In the gallery "Bunkermuz" held a personal exhibition of Anatoly Dniester "Homeless species". The works presented in the exhibition demonstrate the artistic search of the master in the last five years.

The main topic addressed by the author is psychological: territories without a place and time, freed from human experience, not burdened with places of memory. To realize his idea, the artist chose a sign-shaped system devoid of attachments to a specific geography: it does not have an anthropological “past” or “future”. The emphasis is on feelings and anxiety. The problem of homelessness of a modern person is also through to poetry and prose of Anatoly Dnestrovsky, and in painting its actualization is solved using the tools of abstract and new landscape.

Anatoly Dniester - a novelist, poet, artist. Born in 1974 in Ternopil. Candidate of Philosophy (2001). The author of twenty books of poetry, essay, prose. The works of the author are kept in private collections in Ukraine, Moldova, France, Canada, as well as in the National Museum of Taras Shevchenko, Kharkiv Literary Museum.