Andrei Rudev. Mono / Chrome

Exhibition April 4 − May 25, 2019
Marina Gisich Gallery for the first time holds a solo exhibition by Russian artist Andrei Rudev "Mono / Chrome".

The composition of the exhibition is divided into two parts: color and black-and-white, where the artist’s paintings will be presented. The ironic spirit of narcissism is traced in the name and spirit of the event. Mono and chrome - not only means "one" and "color", but also "lead ore", which together gives us - One - Ore - Rudiev.

The works of Andrei Rudiev evoke feelings of nostalgia and melancholy, they literally pull you out of modernity and send you to the vintage era. Usually, the artist holds his exhibitions in the form of a certain box. This time, the author decided to plant the entire audience in this box and literally sawed into two parts. The cut line will be a narrow corridor in the area of the stairs, in order to avoid stress, highlighted by neon, and visitors will have to choose from which half the collective head will look, and from which leg.

Based on the materials of the official site Marina Gisich galleries, St. Petersburg.