Silver Age Gardens

Exhibition April 27 − August 26, 2019
An exhibition about the poetry of real and imagined gardens from the second half of the 19th - early 20th century is held in the Bread House of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve "Silver Age Gardens".

The exhibition, devoted to all variants of the Silver Age garden theme, features about 400 exhibits from 20 museums and private collections.

Writers Chekhov and Garshin, poets Balmont and Annensky, artists Vasnetsov and Goncharova, architects Shekhtel and Kvyatkovsky were engaged in images of gardens in art. Therefore, each hall of the exhibition is like a chapter of this big book.

The Garden of Symbols presents the mysterious flowers of Alexander Golovin and Mikhail Vrubel, the patterned fabrics of Alexander Gaush and the morning landscape of Igor Grabar. In the next room in color and reliefs, the famous old Russian interior of 1903 - “Teremok” Golovin was recreated, which sheltered furniture from two nurseries of new style - Abramtsev and Talashkin. Nearby is the architectural graphics of Fyodor Shekhtel and a video film about the “stone garden” in the architecture of Russian Art Nouveau.

Two large halls are devoted to the picturesque embodiments of the garden. The Garden of Memory shows a panorama of images of a real park: here are lyric scenes of Stanislav Zhukovsky, small treasures of landscape art - landscapes of Fyodor Vasilyev and Valentin Serov, an amazing and little-known picture of Elsa Backlund “Grandmother's Dress”, favorite parks of Alexander Benois - Peterhof and Versailles. Tiny prints of Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva show the moments of life of Pavlovsky Park, morning and evening, the sun and rain, fog and a rainbow.

Hall "Garden of Dreams" is dedicated to images that Nikolai Gumilev called "the gardens of my soul." These are the musical compositions of Victor Borisov-Musatov, created from his own photographs, the lyrical images of the artists of the Blue Rose, artificial flowers and otherworldly holidays of Nikolai Sapunov.

Prepared based on the official website of the Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno.