Maurits Cornelis Escher: Infinite Variations

Exhibition May 2 − September 22, 2019
The exhibition "Infinite Variations" explores breathtaking, mathematical and metamorphic works by the world famous Dutch graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. This exhibition presents an extensive collection of drawings, lithographs and wood engravings that mix and blur designs inspired by impossible worlds, the complexities of nature and the infinity of chess.

More than 100 exhibits leased at the Heraklidon Museum in Athens showcase Esher’s diverse and innovative methods and subjects, starting with his early Italian landscape sketches, self portraits and book illustrations, to his cult images of impossible spaces, infinity and metamorphosis. Despite his immense popularity in popular culture, Asher never fit into one style of art, nor was he recognized as an important artist by the artistic community for most of his life.

Over a nearly sixty-year career, Escher created more than 450 engravings and more than 2000 drawings and sketches. To this day, it remains one of the most popular and reproducible graphic artists of the 20th century.