Andrei Lanskoy. The Book Of Genesis

Exhibition 4 − May 28, 2017
In Podolsk exhibition hall is a very interesting exhibition of Andrei Lansky - one of the famous artists of the Russian Diaspora, once nicknamed the "Russian Earl French of abstraction". The exhibition presents "Genesis" - rare lithograph that was published half a century ago.

The meaning of this work is conceived Lansky, in the integrity of parts and arrangement of leaves, like the iconostasis. Each sheet is self-sufficient individually, but together the leaves of the book with drawings and text form a decorative ensemble, like the panel, that requires not just scrutiny, but like the icons, meditative perception.

The artist illustrates the story of the creation of the world as a huge multi-colored manuscript. Some leaves are abstract compositions with complicated play of color spots and lines, floating freely in space fragments of the biblical text. On the other sheets purely abstract compositions, and in both cases the viewer as if he is witnessing the organization of the initial Chaos with the help of Words. The connection in the same space of the text of Scripture and the colors are restless and indefatigable search of the same Light, the same salvation.

His "Book of Genesis" Lansky creates a scenic poem in which the importance of a word expands and is enriched by the silent sound of the lines and colours. And perhaps that in this work the artist has reached the pinnacle of his work as the founder of lyrical abstraction, as the Creator of color-light.