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Exhibition January 25 − July 7
Art Museum Nasher: All Pop Art
Pop art originated in the 1950s and spread throughout the world in the 1960s. Inspired by the media and popular culture, the artists used bright colors, graphic design and text to draw widespread viewer attention and solve important issues of the day.

ThisExhibition includes pop art from the Nasher Museum collection, as well as more recent works influenced by pop art and its critics, politics and material consumption. As a supplement to the exhibition "Pop Art America, 1965-1975", this installation reflects several identical topics: politics, fashion, environment, signs and symbols, and identity.

Artists: Allan D'Arcangelo, Alexander Kosolapov, Roy Lichtenstein, May Stevens, Andy Warhol, Carol Summers, Alex Katz
1997, 44.4×48 cm
All artworks at the exhibition