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About the exhibition
An exhibition of Andrey Dudchenko is held in the “Ya Gallery” in Kiev “Figures". The presented project is a pictorial series about heroes who lost in the battle with their own future. The desert landscapes of the seashore, the waves, are reinterpreted in the color of Soviet modernism, fixed in space and displaced beyond their reality in time. Crimean artist in his work personalizes the history of the traces of past civilizations. The image of the Soviet sanatoriums - the temples of "beauty, sun and health" for contemporaries of the last empire - are imbued with the sun, which absorbed the shadows of the marble heroes of antiquity. The silhouettes of the past show through the canvases of the author.

Andrey Dudchenko was born in 1983 in Evpatoria. He graduated from the Crimean Art School and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Permanent participant of the All-Ukrainian open-airs and exhibitions.
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