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Hu Wei. Shapelessness

Exhibition May 10 − June 29, 2019
In Tang Contemporary Art in Beijing, a personal exhibition of Hu Wei "Shapelessness". The creative work of the author begins with Chinese painting and translates the traditional ink painting technique into a mixed one. The artist creatively uses a variety of materials and objects, such as rice paper, ink, mineral pigments, metal, ceramics, wood, shells, silk, cotton, and hemp. This is the modern interpretation of the “energies” from Chinese classical poetry to the oriental expression of the modern spirit.

Hu Wei was born in 1957 in Jinan Province. He graduated from the Chinese Central Academy of Arts, received a bachelor's degree and stayed in school to teach. In 1987, he came to Japan with the financial support of the government, comparing Chinese and Japanese art. Led the art project of the National Center for the Performing Arts, the project of the art concept at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Beijing, the Olympic Fine Arts in London at the Olympic Games. His works have been exhibited in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Japan, Europe and America.