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Exhibition April 12 − August 14
Baselitz - Richter - Polke - Kiefer
Baselitz, Richter, Polke and Kiefer - four artists from Germany, who received world fame.Exhibition at the State Gallery of Stuttgart dedicated to the 1960s. Collecting about 100 works, she shows how, at an early stage of her career, these artists reacted to an era characterized by challenges and upheavals, utopias and reorientations, power and protest.

In the sixties, their figurative paintings challenged the dominant abstraction. Baselitz wrote characters, torn to pieces. Polke and Richter exposed the absurdity and emptiness of consumption, luring from all sides. Kiefer exposed the historical roots of the so-called "Third Reich".

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive catalog of guest curator Goetz Adriani, who collected interviews with artists about their early works and their meaning, richly illustrated them and provided them with detailed documents from the 1960s.
1965, 16.2×13 cm
1970, 119×158.5 cm
1966, 150×190 cm
1965, 200×160 cm
All artworks at the exhibition