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Alexander Klimenko. New noospheric avant-garde

Exhibition May 22 − June 9, 2019
Zenko gallery presents the exhibition of Alexander KlimenkoNew noospheric avant-garde»In the Museum of History of Kiev. Within the framework of the concept of a new noospheric avant-garde, the author invented new visual symbols, for which he created names - a rainbow and spectral ray of spectra. In the titles, the artist imitates Malevich's suprematism, with whose ideas he has been engaged in a long-standing dialogue.

Klimenko argues that the adoption of the aesthetic and ethical imperatives of the new noosphere art should be a significant part of the new, saving for humanity thinking. It can be very different in genres and directions, from figurative to abstract, from meditative, reflective to avant-garde and embodied in various forms - painting, photography, graphics, and so on.

Alexander Klimenko artist-philosopher, author of numerous texts, essays, manifestos, engaged in cultural studies and theoretical studies, is a researcher at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Founder and active member of the legendary group "Paris Commune".