Chen Dantsin. Disguise and pictures of life

Exhibition May 24 − June 30, 2019
Tang Contemporary Art in Hong Kong presents a solo exhibition by Chinese-American artist Chen Dantsin "Disguise and pictures of life". The works of the author are created in collaboration with the models of the Chinese company Bentley Culture & Media Company and the famous stylist Se Xin. Chen was particularly influenced by the work of realist painter Jean-François Millet, whose works were represented at the National Art Museum of China.

Chen Dantsing was born in 1953 in Shanghai. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. In 1982, the artist immigrated to the United States, where for the next 18 years he lived and painted in New York. In 2000, Chen returned to China and became an outspoken critic of the state. He was awarded prizes for "Fifty Public Intellectuals Who Have Influenced China", "Elite of the Age" and many others. Participant of numerous exhibitions.