Dreams without Freud

Exhibition April 25 − June 30, 2019
Erarta Museum hosts an interesting exhibition project. "Dreams without Freud", uniting the work of nearly 30 contemporary Russian artists.

Take part in the exhibition artists who were able to more fully convey the fantastic reality of sleep. The works of such famous artists as Maxim Kantor, Elena Figurin, Igor Tishin side by side with the works of young artists - Alexei Elephant, Ivan Korshunov, Andrey Novikov. The tone is set by the “average” generation - Andrey Rudyev, Victor Remishevsky, Inna Grinchel, Nadezhda Anfalova, Alexander Kosenkov, Dmitry Loktionov, Julia Sopina Elena and Igor Kuliki and Natalia Shalina.

The exhibition is conventionally divided into several thematic and customized areas. The entrance zone is an extravaganza, romanticism, cheerful irony. Then begins almost monochrome painting - the space of sorrowful insensitivity, anxiety, homelessness, threats and chthonic horror.

The second hall opens with an exciting associative work "Dream." This is a kind of visual emblem of the exhibition, created by the famous Novosibirsk artist Vladimir Fateev. One part of the hall became the territory of emptiness, silence and stupor of plotless sleep. Another part of the space is distinguished by a cheerful insanity of plots and free picturesqueness and perfectionism.

Based on the materials of the official site Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.
Galleries at the exhibition