Master of the Russian landscape. Isaac Levitan

Exhibition May 20 − July 14, 2017
Exhibition "Master of the Russian landscape. Isaac Levitan" opened may 20, in the Museum and exhibition complex of the Moscow region "New Jerusalem".
The exhibition consists of 35 of the most striking and iconic paintings, which have provided from their collections of major state and Federal museums and some private collections.
Visitors to the exhibition will gain insight into the personality of the artist, his work, life, motives, experiences and aspirations.
Isaac Levitan – one of the greatest masters of Russian landscape of the late nineteenth century. It is called the first of the artists of Russia, laid the principles of symbolism and modernism in landscape painting.
In the landscapes of Levitan, the chanting of Russian nature, with its variety and versatility. Someone might call his paintings are too simple, but behind this apparent simplicity is hidden a deep meaning and unique charm of Russian province.
The exhibition presents works etyudnogo nature, but, nevertheless, they reflect the characteristics and the main trends of art of a great artist
The exhibition covers almost the entire geography of the artist's favorite places – ples, the Crimea, the Moscow region, in particular Savvinskaya Sloboda near Zvenigorod, surrounds the New Jerusalem.
One of the Central works in the exhibition was the painting "Istra River" from the house-Museum of A. P. Chekhov in Yalta, presented by Levitan writer, and a small essay of the same name from the Bashkir state art Museum im. M. V. Nesterov, a gift of the author to his friend the artist.

From official website Musano exhibition complex in the Moscow region "New Jerusalem".
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