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Major Exhibition "Bohemia - Saxony: so close and yet so far"for the first time focused on two regions - German Saxony and Czech Bohemia, namely, on their dynamic relationships, close ties between residents, bilateral conflicts and reconciliations. The show offers a broad overview of the historical context, explaining both the differences between the provinces and the commonality in the European home.

The exhibition is divided into nine parts. The exhibition includes unique works: Gothic and Renaissance works (for example, paintings by Lucas Cranach), Mannerist masterpieces, paintings by Oscar Kokoschka and the famous model Quo vadis sculpture by David Cerni. His statue of the car “Trabant” on four human legs is a reminder of the events of the fall of 1989, when the German embassy in Prague became a temporary refuge for the citizens of East Germany. This event can be viewed as a symbolic turning point in the long history of relations between Saxony and Bohemia.
Все работы на выставке