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Glyptica: Past and Present

Exhibition May 17 − November 27, 2019
An exhibition is held at the State Hermitage Museum "Glyptica: Past and Present". The exposition included about 200 works of glyptic, jewelery and stone-cutting art from the museum funds, as well as those provided by the Tenzo jewelry house.

Glyptica - the art of carving on miniature semi-precious and precious stones is among the most ancient.

Stones with an in-depth image - intaglio (from the Italian. Intaglio - carving) - were already known in the IV millennium BC. er and were used as amulets and personal seals. Embossed cameos (from the ancient French camaïeu — a jewel) appeared later, in Hellenistic Egypt, at the end of the 4th - the beginning of the 3rd c. BC er Unlike intales, they had no practical application, their aesthetic value was decisive.

The exhibition presents carved stones, works of jewelry and small stone plastics with elements of carving from the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, as well as works by modern masters.

Based on the materials of the official site State Hermitage Museum.