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Exhibition June 6, 2019
On June 6, at 19:00 in the Khlebzavod, Alexander Sushinsky will give a lecture: "Psychedelic Art Analysis or Black Pi ** VS VS of the Pink Cloud". Free admission.

Varnish / Noah we will conduct a psychedelic-psychoanalytic analysis of modern processes in art. The central pivot is Desire and how it is deactivated in the art of the 20th century, as well as in current order. As a "pleasure principle" (extremum, transgresiv), he struggled with the "pleasure principle" (taxes, trash, children) and lost to the latter, and left all the ultimate vitteshnyas on the sidelines. The world / art is an environmentally clean space. Radical whitewaters are not taken into account. What is the artist's bid today? Which meta_dic is obtained in the process of truth production and clarification of the Real? Why modern art has become a philosophy, and philosophy has become art and / or poetry (look at Badiou and real speculators, materialized in Meyasu, Harman and Tucker. On the agenda: A world without us, an object oriented mind, an imaginary and total feykologii.
Galleries at the exhibition