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"That I was last summer..."

Exhibition April 8 − October 29, 2017
The 105-anniversary of the panorama Borodino the Museum of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia opened an extensive exhibition "That I was last summer...".
The exhibition introduces visitors with works in the genre of portrait from the collection of paintings and graphics of the Museum-panorama "Borodino battle". Over a hundred art works by Russian and European masters, until then, rarely exhibited, are the picturesque and graphic portraits for the period from the late XVIII to the XXI century.
The exhibition showcases the diversity of artistic styles, techniques, and techniques for portrait art.
Graphic sheets, made with beautiful portraits of the XVIII century, as well as formal portraits in heavy frames, depicting monarchs and heroes of 1812, struck by its solemnity.
In their place comes an exquisite portrait miniatures first half of the NINETEENTH century, chamber images of dignitaries, aristocrats, merchants, children's and women's faces.
For the first time in the exhibition panorama Museum exhibits his collection of visionaires, with photographic accuracy, transmitting the facial features of the model, made in Paris in 1810-ies.
Works by B. M. Kustodiev and F. A. Rubo is a good example of a portrait of the 1900s. This period is characterized by the use of different graphic materials, which in turn greatly expanded the ability of artists to the texture of the object and its nature.
Frontline artist-correspondent used a similar technique in the years of the great Patriotic war (1941-1945), in order to capture the faces of ordinary soldiers, officers, partisans in moments of relaxation between battles. The exhibits of this period was provided by the works of N. N. Zhukov, A. A., Gorbenko, P. A. Krivonogov.

Websites Museum-panorama "Borodino battle"and museum.ru.