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"Hokusai. Over the Great wave"

Exhibition May 25 − August 13, 2017
British Museum presents a major exhibition of works by the great Hokusai "Hokusai. On a Big wave." Boasting one of the largest collections of copyright works, the Museum has prepared an exhibition devoted to the last, the late period of his work from 1820 to 1849.
"The artist believed that the older he gets, the higher the skill. And, seeing his works created in the last decade of his life, could not agree more. They are really beautiful," said the head of the Japanese section of the British Museum Tim Clark.

The exhibition will feature 110 works of Hokusai. . And one of the Central works of the exhibition is the famous painting "the Great wave", which the Museum exhibited the last time in 2011. Some prints, drawings and paintings will be presented for the first time in the UK. They will be available only for some time, since it is highly sensitive to light and this makes the exhibition extra significance for many admirers.

Japanese art of the early 19th century and, in particular, Hokusai, had a considerable impact on Europeans. The themes and motifs of Japanese artists can be found in the works of famous impressionist Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir