Picasso - the birth of a genius.

Exhibition June 15 − September 1, 2019
The Ullens Contemporary Art Center (UCCA) in Beijing presents the largest exhibition in China dedicated to Pablo Picasso.Picasso - the birth of a genius". The exhibition will cover almost three decades of the artist’s career, from 1893 to 1921. The exhibition includes 103 works of the author, including paintings, sculptures and drafts from the Paris Musée national Picasso-Paris.

The three decades considered were a period of artistic discovery and excitement for the young artist, whose style underwent numerous changes, from the academic realism of his student days to his post-war return to classical style after the great cubist adventure.

“For UCCA, this exhibition marks the realization of the dream that we have been waiting for since our opening in 2007, to present not only the latest achievements in modern art, but also explore the very foundations of modernity. We believe that the story of Picasso is relevant for our audience in China, as people here continue to respond to the challenges of time in search of originality and innovation, ”said Philip Thinari, director of UCCA.