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The Tai Kwun Heritage and Art Center in Gokong presents the largest overview exhibition by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami “Murakami vs Murakami". The exhibition includes more than 60 paintings and sculptures that demonstrate intriguing paradoxes, embodied in the various works of the master - from his large-scale post-apocalyptic works to contemplative paintings depicting Buddhist visions. Also for the first time presented outlandish designs of artist's costumes.

This project combines elite art and pop culture, combining the pretty aesthetics of kawaii, branded Murakami floral icons and its ultra-flat corporate style. The figures look like ghosts, spewing body fluids in a magnificent psychedelic color.

“However, under the cute surfaces there are dark visions of injuries and pain, generating strange and unusual scenes of a dark miracle,” the exhibition curator notes.

2011, 136.5×85×78 cm
All artworks at the exhibition