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Lev Lagorio. 1826 - 1905

Exhibition April 8 − September 3, 2017
In the Yaroslavl art Museum opened an exhibition "Lev Lagorio. 1826 – 1905"that presents paintings and graphic works of Lev Felixovich Lagorio from the collections of the museums of Vologda, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rybinsk and Yaroslavl.
Lev Lagorio – a bright, talented and original artist, one of the most famous Russian artists-marine painters of the nineteenth century. A graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. The first disciple of Aivazovsky, in whose Studio he worked in 1839-1840.
Work Lagorio is mostly landscapes, among which a special place is occupied by the Marina. But, unlike Aivazovsky, his favorite motifs was intimate landscapes of the coasts overlooking the sea, cozy coves with standing on the RAID ships, houses, lost in the haze at the foot of the mountains.
In the last years of his life Lev Feliksovich Lagorio his gaze turned on the schedule, becoming a member of the Society of Russian watercolors.
His watercolors are strict in composition but full of life and movement, have a high level of skill and care in detail. Leaves attracted to the subtle color scheme and lightness.
At the exhibition you can see all the periods of creativity of Lev Lagorio, from a very early night landscape with the moon and sailing boats.

On the official website of the Yaroslavl art Museum.