Oleg Golosiy. Painting non-stop

Exhibition June 13 − August 11, 2019
In the Art Arsenal in Kiev, an exhibition "Oleg Golosiy. Painting non-stop". The exhibition includes about 70 canvases, 50 graphic works, 40 photographs, archival materials from 20 museum and private collections in Ukraine, as well as the artist's estate.

Most of these works are little known, some are exhibited for the first time. With the help of modern multimedia tools, the exhibition presents the most interesting versions of previous exposition solutions embodied in foreign exhibitions during the life of the author.

Oleg Golosiy is one of the artists of the Ukrainian “New Wave”, which was formed around the workshops of the “Paris Commune” in Kiev. The works of the author have a great influence on the work of other artists, not only in Ukraine.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.