Two centuries of Russian landscape

Exhibition April 6 − June 30, 2017
Exhibition "Two centuries of the Russian landscape"opened in the Astrakhan Art Gallery. The exhibition presents works by Russian artists of the second half of the nineteenth and early twenty-first centuries.
Landscape, as a genre of art, came to Russia in the middle of the 18th century from Western Europe. But later he acquired a number of features that allow us to distinguish the landscapes of Russian painters from the works of artists from other countries.
Astrakhan Art Gallery named after P.M. Dogadina has collected a huge collection of landscape painting. After all, Pavel Dogadin, the founder of the art museum, favored landscape works, and his successors supported these initiatives with dignity. Many of these works are presented at the exhibition.
In total, the exhibition displays about 80 works of painting, drawing and decorative arts from the museum’s storerooms.
Among them, a large place is occupied by paintings and graphic sheets of the late XIX - early XX centuries, the authors of which are recognized masters of the landscape: I.I. Shishkin, A.I. Kuindzhi, I.I. Levitan, V.A. Serov, I.K. Kalmykov, V.D. Polenov, A.A. Rylov, P.I. Petrovichev, I.E. Grabar, R.R. Falk, N.P. Krymov and others.
Also of great interest are the landscapes of the Soviet period, created by S.V. Gerasimov, Ya.D. Romas, V.G. Tsyplakovym, V.P. Tsvetkova and others, including industrial landscapes of K.F. Bogayevsky, G.P. Sotnikova, V.E. Popkova. The beginning of our century is represented by several works of contemporary artists.

Based on the materials of the official site Astrakhan art gallery named after PM. Dogadina.