Frank Lloyd Wright. Textiles: Taliesin Line, 1955–60

Exhibition May 20, 2019 − April 5, 2020
Metropolitan Museum presents an exhibition "Frank Lloyd Wright. Textiles: Taliesin Line, 1955–60".

In 1955, renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) launched the first commercial enterprise for his long and distinguished career, creating a line of affordable home furnishings for the general consumer. Designs for fabrics and wallpapers based on Wright’s architectural experience and inspired by specific buildings were presented in the sample book by Schumacher Taliesin’s Decorative Fabrics and Wallpaper Line developed by Frank Lloyd Wright (1955). Only 100 copies of the book were printed, available exclusively to authorized dealers.

This installation presents a book and nine fabric samples, all from the original line produced by F. Schumacher & Co. In addition to textiles reflecting Wright's aesthetics, the installation also included two examples of wooden structures designed by Wright: vases that were made in very limited quantities and never reached the open market, as well as a photograph of the architect Josuf Karsh taken in 1954 .

Based on the materials of the official site Metropolitan Museum.